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The “Glamour One” – Personal Shopping Service

Glamour Girl Shopping Tours in San Francisco

Glamour Girl Shopping Tours
in San Francisco

This is Glamour Girl’s premiere service. If you are seeking a “one on one” shopping experience that is filled with ease, pleasure and caring guidance, this is the opportunity for you. Please know, I am here to share my knowledge, expertise and passion with you. Keeping with your “own” personal style along with looking into my client’s life style, career, and over all personal image. The personal image is by far the most important and what, I concentrate most on. How one sees herself/himself and what my client wishes to project, is key. The time spent to know my clients and fulfill all of their expectations is my priority!

My background as a retail owner in specialty clothing spans over 15 years. As owner it was with great pleasure to be sole buyer, visual designer and sales consultant to all my clients. My experience as a visual designer, personal stylist/shopper captures over 30 years. Also, I have worked in wholesale management in home dècor and gift which brings a great understanding of finding quality, value and coming full circle with my career in this industry. Please know as a professional stylist/personal shopper it is with my great pleasure to teach men and women how to develop, create and maintain their own “unique” style.


This personal shopping experience will bring great comfort in knowing that your fashion style needs will all be delivered with the utmost of service and attention, even to all the smallest details. Please may you know that, I am always available for “gift” shopping as well. Especially, helpful with our busy lives, holiday’s and for the “hard to shop” for individual on your list. Glamour Girl is here to help and give you her commitment to excellence of service and years of experience. Meeting all your expectations is priority number one!


Looking forward to speaking with you soon and arranging your own personal shopping experience or gift giving assistance in “Glamour Girl”style.

“I have the ability to bring out the best in you.”






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